Why us?

Galeria Hotels successfully provides solutions for the hotel business of marketing and managerial nature in the field of Hotel management, Revenue management, Internet marketing, Online booking, etc. . Our mission is to help you position your product in the market by developing marketing strategy, pricing, supply and market positioning, advertising campaigns, online reservation systems and others.

Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow should not be like today

Galeria Hotels is a guarantee for:

  • Quality – of course the process takes care of a professional team with experience.
  • Optimize activities in your organization, export those that do not have enough resources or resource that costs you dearly.
  • There is no need to create or maintain your working position for activities or projects that are inappropriate for your company, or which are of a seasonal nature.
  • Take advantage of the qualifications, experience and knowledge of our employees.
  • The resources and know – how outsourcing company work for you.
  • Price – it is lower and more stable than the cost of using their own employees.
  • Convenience (comfort, relaxation) – no stress to solve the details, the work will be done by someone else and at this complex.
  • Use our services would provide a “look outside” and potentially easy and fast identification of critical and relevant events and activities for their removal.

Galeria Hotels provides consulting services in all departments – sales, marketing, finance and operations, including implementing standards and procedures

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The cheapest and effective way to have your own marketing department is to use the services of Galeria Hotels

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Hotel leasing

Leasing of hotels means that the owner of the hotel was completely freed from all responsibilities and commitments in the functioning of the hotel

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Hotel Management

The owner of the hotel selects an external company hotel-operator to manage the property, in order to minimize the obligations and responsibilities arising from the ownership of a hotel

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