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Hotel leasing

Leasing of hotels means that the owner of the hotel was completely freed from all responsibilities and commitments in the functioning of the hotel, as this does not mean lack of control over the operation and maintenance of the best kind of hotel.


Making short-term and long-term marketing and management of hotel policy
Management and organization of the overall activity for reception, accommodation and customer service
Control the quality of services offered to customers
Organize and control the repair and reconstruction of the property
Study customer service and measures to address the weaknesses
Control and organization of operational financial and economic performance of the hotel and restaurant business and suggestions to improve them
Approval of work schedules for staff and conducting operational meetings related technology services and work organization
Hire and dismiss employees
Controls the operation of safety systems for security and fire
Control of the state of financial reporting
Responsible for safeguarding the assets of the hotel
Maintaining the reputation of the hotel

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