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Hotel Management

What does management by external company mean? The owner of the hotel selects an external company hotel-operator to manage the property, in order to minimize the obligations and responsibilities arising from the ownership of a hotel. The main aim of the delegation of the management of an outsourcing company is through professional management to achieve higher profits and faster ROI.

Key benefits

  • Финансова стабилност
  • Развитие на продукта
  • Добавена стойност

Limit atypical for your organization costs!


Minimum 3 years to reach optimum levels of financial parameters

The operator will select and hire the staff at all levels of the hierarchy, without the intervention of the owner

Pricing policy, advertising strategy, contacts with distributors of hotel services, connect with potential customers.

It requires working capital for the smooth operation of the hotel, the costs of salaries, utilities, operating supplies and other materials. The owner is responsible for depositing a certain amount of working capital to operating expense of the hotel every month if it does not generate enough cash flow needed to ensure minimum operating capital. A failure to do so could lead to credit or management contract to be disturbed by the owner

The owner will not participate in the management of a hotel, but it must be able to monitor and, in certain circumstances, control costs, so keep your ROI. The operator must prepare, deliver and adhere to operational, capital expenditures and the budget approved by the owner. We need to provide flexibility to adjust those budgets to respond to changing circumstances

The fees which the operator colects for providing services under the agreement for the management of the hotel is normally offered as a fee, which is practically an expense of the hotel business. This fee should encourage the operator to perform well

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