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The cheapest and effective way to have your own marketing department is to use the services of Galeria Hotels. We offer our professional services and are ready to take your marketing to a price lower than you would pay for similar specialist assigned to you.

Regardless of the location of your hotel or office you get a marketing office that will be worked with your team to create marketing strategies. We will work to attract more customers and thus more revenue, profits and greater security for your tourism business!


  • You do not pay wages and benefits for staff
  • Do not invest in machinery and equipment
  • Do not invest in training and qualifications
  • Rely on professional services at any time
  • Receive regular activity reports

Outsourcing activities

Prepares short and long term marketing policy of the hotel
Promote market tour packages to individual clients and travel agencies and tour operators
Maintain contact with corporate audiences hotel and expanded corporate segment
Offer conferences to customers and intermediaries
Monitor the quality of services offered to customers
Examine the opinion of customers for service and arrange for removal of the weaknesses
Establish and maintain the good name of the hotel
Prepare advertising campaigns
Prepares monthly analytical reports and reports on the marketing activities

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